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FrescoFud - White Label App Like UberEats
FrescoFud is a solution provider for the food industry that can get your brand with rich and powerful apps like UberEats to empower restaurants. Increase your customer experience in online food ordering with your own restaurant online ordering system.
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FrescoFud (App Like UberEats) Features Overview

Our FrescoFud is an online, on-demand food ordering and delivery application app which is specifically made to deliver sophisticated, convenient and quick food ordering and delivery services so that customers may enjoy exotic dishes without roaming for suitable restaurants. This app is developed for both Android and iOS platform users.
  • User App
  • Delivery App
  • Restaurant App
  • Admin Panel

User App

We assure that our online food delivery app is user-friendly and most convenient. FrescoFud is here for all users who can utilize the exclusive features that we provide. Even a single customer could access this app when ordering food from the restaurants. In this app, you can place food orders from lots of cuisines from hundreds of restaurants. FrescoFud is one of the best software for food delivery like UberEats.

  • Sign-in via Gmail account and social media sites
  • Search restaurant by tracking through Map where you can place your order
  • Select categories for quick search
  • Sort and filter by items, restaurant and more
  • View menu description in detail
  • Make the schedule for food delivery(Now or Later)
  • Menu customization
  • Choose payment options like Card and Cash On Delivery
  • Place order that might be single or multiple orders
  • Verify order history
  • Option for order cancel

Delivery App

Check the following what we offer through the food delivery app. By delivering food items, you can earn money in a simple way and also get fine experience in terms of having onboard customers. With the help of the delivery app, you can make ease of your food delivery job. In addition, the delivery person(i.e driver) can create their own profile, accept the job and manage their vehicle, etc. The below shows how the delivery app works.

  • Sign-in and register via phone number and Gmail account
  • SMS verifications via mobile number
  • Submit the concern documents
  • Set online and offline mode for receiving and closing request
  • Accept the delivery request if available
  • Decline the delivery request if not available
  • Easily find pickup and drop locations via map navigation

Restaurant App

Likewise, UberEats clone FrescoFud is a completely robust app so restaurants can able to manage multiple orders and deliver the food effectively as well. The restaurant could maintain its own panel in order to manage its inventory and more. Moreover, restaurants can track the overall sales and know what their customers order a lot often through this app.

  • Simple Sign-in & Registration
  • Manage the entire menu and orders
  • Make the list of their products
  • Manage their food categories
  • Track the order for both incoming and being processed
  • Verify the delivery history
  • Manage the process of pricing

Admin Panel

Admin panel is a supreme panel of the FrescoFud app. This particular panel helps you to work as Admin in order to manage and control the entire process. When you start up your business, you definitely need a Business Assistant. Admin panel is like that and it has power-packed features also.

  • Admin Dashboard is unique
  • Robust system
  • Highly visible map to view restaurants, foods, and delivery persons
  • Quick access to the restaurants
  • Easily access to all records
  • Manage the detailed information of the delivery person
  • A fully-automated process on payment
  • Maintain all orders and trips records in detail
  • Intimate on the instant changes
  • Make more usability through push notifications

Help & Support

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